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PostSubject: Question?   2007-04-12, 10:46 pm

Uh...new guy here and I got a question. I'm having some trouble making a character because it seem that a few things are, well...wrong. I can only choose one Class, 'Human', and all the skills have been replaced by feat/spell names. I'm fairly certain I downloaded all the right files and put them in the right folders, I'll list them below for reference.

'erf' folder: 69_Doors.erf, Starship_Int.erf

'hak' folder: 69_Doors.hak, Complex.hak, complxlabs.hak, d20Mod_clothesPa.hak, mdrn_pl_vol_1.hak, mdrn_pl_vol_2.hak, OriCombo.hak, Starship_Intr.hak, Ultimate_PC_Cust.hak, uscm_loadscreens.hak, uscm_universal.hak

'override' folder: baseitems.2da, classes.2da, cls_skill_fight.2DA, racialtypes.2DA, skills.2DA, soundset.2da

'tlk' folder: uscm.tlk, d20MdrnMod.tlk

And I think those are all the files I have that relate to the server (aside from CEP 2.0 which I know is working properly). Sorry in advance for being so troublesome right from the start. >_<;;
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PostSubject: Re: Question?   2007-04-12, 11:37 pm

Welcome aboard Diashi,


There is only one race, one class aviable --> Human.

There's a problem with skills and feats names in the character creation process due to the custom tlk file.
NWN loads a custom TLK file at the creation process when you start a solo game, not in multiplayer.

So, save your skill points when you create your character, you will spend them in game.

About the Override, create a new empty override directory called "override_uscm" and put the required files into it.
When you want to play on this server, rename your current override directory as whatever you want, and rename "override_uscm" --> "override".
Don't forget to rename it everytime you want to play on a different server, it may (and it will) cause many bugs.

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PostSubject: Re: Question?   2007-04-13, 5:03 am

Thanks a lot for explaining it to me.

As for the override, I actually made a folder named "USCM" inside the override folder and just transfer the files between the two and it seems to be working ok. But thanks for the suggestion for that, if anything goes wrong with my system I'll definitely use that one.
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PostSubject: Re: Question?   2007-04-14, 1:32 pm

I prefer to rename the folders...
It's better than remove.
Sometimes we could to some mistakes...

Be carefull !
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PostSubject: Re: Question?   

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