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 Scorpion Clan

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Every bright star and Sun must cast a shadow somewhere. When Hantei brought the light of his rule to the people of Rokugan, he commanded Bayushi to stand in the shadows of his Empire and destroy those that would strike at the Emperor or Empire from the darkness. Bayushi's duty was to protect the Empire, no matter the cost. He knew it would stain both himself and his followers to obey Hantei's command, but he did not flinch. Since that day, the Scorpion have become aware of or involved in every shadowy deal inside the borders of the Empire, and several outside. Some Scorpion samurai see the tasks they must perform as necessary duties for the good of the Empire. Others find the resources of their clan to be avenues to personal power. Some see no difference between the two.

Many Scorpion are among the most cheerful and inviting people in Rokugan. With their reputation as back-stabbers, thieves, liars, and slanderers preceding them, most Scorpion do not bother to intimidate each person they meet. Scorpion are intelligent and crafty, excellent friends and deadly enemies. A Scorpion's loyalty can be counted on once earned -- the clan has no need for a Scorpion who cannot remain true to those worthy of their trust. Once you can count one Scorpion among your true allies, it's not a far stretch to say that the whole clan is your ally. Of course, knowing whether or not a Scorpion's smile is true is another matter completely. Every Scorpion can turn just as menacing as they are welcoming, and a Scorpion's anger can lead to the dishonorable deaths of entire families.

Every Scorpion worth his family name remembers Bayushi's promise to Hantei, the first emperor: protect the Empire, no matter the cost to self, clan, or honor. Though all the clans claim that they would give their lives for the Empire, none but the Scorpion openly proclaim that they will throw away their honor at a moment's notice should it benefit Rokugan. A Scorpion deals in secrets, lies, and truths, peddling the first two and keeping the last. No matter how well you believe your darkest secret kept, never doubt that some Scorpion has already learned it.



The Bayushi are the descended from the Kami who founded the Scorpion Clan, and lead the clan both in the courts and battlefields. They Bayushi are generally the masterminds of the many plots the Scorpion are working at any one time, and are the largest, most dangerous of the Scorpion families. A Bayushi is a typical Scorpion, comely and cunning, plotting your end as soon as his head dips to bow to you. They are ruthless tacticians in battle, preferring guerrilla and diversionary tactics to more traditional warfare.


The right hand of the Bayushi is the Shosuro family. The first Shosuro was known as Bayushi's daughter, though it is debated to this day whether Shosuro was man, woman, or neither. The Shosuro are spies, actors, and ninja, and their province is the art of creating false lives, fake histories, and empty truths. It is the infamous (though spoken of only a rumor) Shosuro Dojo that produce he clan's ninja, and the Shosuro Butei are among the most famous actors in the Empire. They are the eyes and ears of the clan, pretending to be anything necessary to learn what they must, and then fading away like the morning dew. By demeanor, the Shosuro and Bayushi tend to be much alike. However, the Shosuro serve less as leaders of the clan and more as quiet spies, allowing their Bayushi cousins to stand in plain view of everyone while they work quieter plots.


The Soshi, founded by Shosuro after she faked her death upon returning from the Day of thunder, trains most of the Scorpion's Shugenja. They specialize in air magic, focusing on distraction, illusion, and confusion. Soshi shugenja can turn the tides of battle, causing opponents to miscalculate the position or size of a Scorpion army, or become unable to fight effectivly. Soshi tend to be more cynical than typical shugenja. The Scorpion are infamous for their negative opinions of the Tao of Shinsei, and the attitudes of their shugenja show it. Many Soshi tend to revere Bayushi above other Kami or fortunes, and possess a dry, disturbing sense of humor.


The family of the Yogo is a condtradiction - they are doomed to betray those they love, a curse first laid upon their founder yogo. They were charged with the care of the Black Scrolls, twelve scrolls of epic black magic that sealed the soul of the Dark god Fu Leng. Originally Yogo's curse was blunted by the idea that Yogo held no love for the Scorpion, making him the perfect guardian of the Scrolls. However, the curse came full circle when Yogo Junzo, a vassal utterly devoted to the service of Bayushi Shoju, determined to avenge his slain master by opening the first of twelve Scrolls - beginning the release of Fu Leng from his prison. Now the Yogo have become a family of shugenja dedicated to finding the secrets of the Shadowlands, a path which the Kuni have already walked for over a thousand years. However, the Yogo believe the unique perspective of the Scorpion gives them an advantage in their research the Kuni do not possess. The Yogo themselves are best described as 'disturbing'. They tend to be thin to the point of emaciation, their masks clinging to bony frames and frail skin. Their shugenja speak in low, raspy tones, and have a mind that a torturer or even an oni could appreciate.

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Scorpion Clan
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