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 Phoenix Clan

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There is a mystery in the Empire, then somewhere there is a Phoenix who understands it. To the Phoenix Clan, knowledge is a weapon deadlier than steel. No clan possesses greater knowledge of magic and spell craft than the Phoenix, nor do any (save perhaps the Dragon) better understand the enigmas of this world and the realms beyond.

The Phoenix Clan believes in perfection: perfection of their magic, perfection of their spirit, and perfection of body and mind into a single, flawless mechanism. Since the dawn of the Empire, the Isawa and the Asako have labored for a more perfect understanding of the ways of the kami, the enigmatic spirits that shugenja summon when casting their spells. As they pursue their research, the Shiba practice their particular brand of swordsmanship, clearing the mind to allow the body to react without thought, without hesitation.

The Phoenix are notorious throughout the bushido-dominated Empire for their pacifistic outlook on life. Phoenix shugenja have on occasion refused to harm creatures of the Shadowlands because of their ingrained abhorrence of violence. This has earned them the scorn of militant clans such as the Lion and Crab, but even those clans respect the obvious power the Phoenix command; it is not that they cannot harm their foes, merely that they do not wish to do so.



The Isawa family was founded by a shugenja named Isawa. Isawa was a great scholar and sorcerer before the Kami fell to the earth. When Shiba came to him to ask for his help, Isawa refused without a pledge from Shiba to protect his family. In response, the Kami Shiba knelt before Isawa and gave him that promise.

Currently, the Isawa use this promise to retain control of the affairs of the Phoenix clan. The Shiba family controls the armies, but even this is done under the direction of the Isawa. There are those among the Shiba who would argue that the Kami did not promise subservience, but these are greatly ignored by the Isawa. There are those in Rokugan who would argue, especially after the near-destruction of the clan during the Clan War, that the Shiba need to do a better job of protecting the Isawa from themselves, but these people generally make sure that the Phoenix do not hear their comments.


he Asako family is an exception to many rules in Rokugan. They are a family that consists primarily of monks, yet they are of the samurai caste, much like the Ise Zumi of the Dragon Clan. Their philosophy is encouraging to mankind, much like the Ikoma family. They are a proud family, but they do not criticize others. Their family is linked closely with Shinseism, but their knowledge is secret, told to Shiba by Shinsei and to Asako by Shiba, though not until some time after his death.


The Shiba family embodies many contradictions. They are the descendants of a Kami, yet are subserviant to the Isawa family. They have given birth to every Clan Champion, but they do not rule the clan. They are soldiers and warriors in a clan of pacifists. And yet they are a vital and valued part of the Phoenix Clan.
The Shiba family was founded by the Kami Shiba. Shiba's descendants remain the Champions of the Phoenix Clan, although the line of succession has not always been inherited. For most of the clan's history, when a Champion died, the successor was chosen by Shiba himself, through the clan's Ancestral sword, Ofushikai; at the death of a Champion, the sword would disappear and reappear with the person who would next begin leading the clan.

When Amaterasu scattered all of the clans' ancestral swords into the heavens, however, this method of selection was lost. When Shiba Tsukune ascended to Tengoku to become Fortune of Rebirth, the Elemental Masters refused to accept her son, Shiba Aikune, as Champion, and instead decided to appoint the new champion themselves. This apparently lasted only for the appointment of Shiba Mirabu, as while he still held the position, the Soul of Shiba was bound to the Shiba bloodline itself by Aikune, and Ofushikai, now just a symbol of that authority, was given to him as well

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Phoenix Clan
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