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 Lion Clan

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Since the dawn of the Empire, one clan has proven time and time again that only it is worthy to be the Right Hand of the Emperor, the chosen defenders of the Empire: the Lion Clan. Through the Clan War and the War of Spirits, the Lion always led the charge against the enemies of Rokugan and the Emperor. Although there have been moments of weakness and corruption in the past, the Lion have never failed to rise and defend the Empire against all who would see it destroyed.

No other clan can match the military might of the Lion. Since the days of Akodo, the greatest strategist the world has ever known, the Lion have devoted themselves to the mastery of bushido and warfare. Their standing army is larger than any other in Rokugan. In addition to their own army, Lion troops comprise the vast majority of the Imperial Legions. Only the strongest, finest warriors may serve the Emperor. Only the Lion are truly worthy.

Samurai of the Lion Clan often have an inflexible code of conduct. They adhere rigidly to the tenets of bushido, measuring their own actions against the example set by their founder Akodo. Other clans tend to view the Lion as hostile, a viewpoint that is not always entirely inaccurate: the Lion typically believe samurai of other clans must prove their worth before earning their respect.



The Akodo are the descendants of the Lion Clan's founder, the kami Akodo. They have a long and illustrious history as noble and honorable warriors and generals. Unlike their hot tempered Matsu cousins, the Akodo are patient and observant, taking the full measure of their foes before using their weaknesses to defeat them. The Akodo are the hand that guides the sword of the Lion Army.


The Matsu are a tall, proud family, who rarely dye their dark hair like others in their clan. Their ancestress, the Lady Matsu was the last to join the Kami Akodo, and she was the only follower Akodo sought out.
Whereas members of the Akodo family are said to be the brain of the Lion, the Matsu are said to be the heart, for it is the Matsu who charge onto the battleground and direct the troops.
All Matsu are hot-tempered, emotional, strong willed and intractable, just like their founder, but they are also highly courageous, loyal, dedicated and fierce. The Matsu are the epitome of every other Clan's veiw of the Lion, good and bad.
Matsu leaders are chosen more for their skill with a katana and combat prowess than their ability to break down an enemy strategy. As has been shown time and again, even the best laid plans often fall like rice paper to a katana when faced with the furious charge of the Matsu. In addition to this fire within, the Matsu live for the purity of honor. The Matsu believe that the purity of a samurai's soul is often as potent a weapon as his blade. Often, with the Matsu's ancestors guiding his blade, a samurai's purity of soul becomes more important, for even the dullest blade will cut deeper than the sharpest blade that has been turned aside. The Matsu ancestors will guide the killing blow and guard the samurai from harm if he is filled with a pure, noble soul.
Since the beginning, the Matsu have stood beside the Akodo family, providing the Akodo's tactical foresight with the feirceness to succeed. There have been time when the leadership of the clan has been uneasy, and even open anarchy between the two houses.

The Matsu family represent some of the greatest warriors in Rokugan, and not even the Crab ignore the threat presented by the mighty Matsu army. No sane man would ever knowingly question the honor of a Matsu, for honor is more than a word and more than a record of a person's standing in the Empire. To a Matsu, honor is the link that ties them to their ancestors, and the blood that links them to their oath. Since the first Matsu, they have never faltered in their duty to protect the Empire.


In a clan of warriors, the Kitsu are the shugenja. They are descended from the last five living kitsu remaining at the end of Akodo's purge. Because of their ancestral link to the other realms, many Kitsu can communicate easily with the spirits of the ancestors, and one of their family schools is devoted to this task.

The Kitsu family serve the Lion Clan as lorekeepers, mythologists and diplomats, but their duties are far greater than the typical shugenja. Like the Ikoma family, the Kitsu are keepers of history, but rather than the physical history of their clan, the Kitsu guard the spiritual history. Thus the Kitsu's duty is not only to his Clan and Emperor, but to the many thousands of Lion who have come before him.

The reason that the school of the Kitsu is so selective is a matter of the initial founding of the family, a tale which is a cause of great dispute between the Ikoma family and the Kitsu.


The Ikoma are the historians and ambassadors of the Lion Clan. Their extensive knowledge of history allows them to draw upon centuries of insight when negotiating with other clans, and they are rarely caught unawares; their family has encountered almost every possible ploy, and recorded the results. Many courtiers from other clans regard the Ikoma as boorish or dull because of their stern and unforgiving demeanor, but those who mistake their stoicism for weakness pay a hefty price. The Ikoma do not forgive slights easily. In addition to serving as the clan's presence in court, the Ikoma have a considerable number of warriors in their own right. As a family they tend toward tacticians rather than rank-and-file infantry, again using their knowledge of history to their advantage. Whether courtier or warrior, the Ikoma invariably have training as storytellers as well, recounting inspiring tales of Lion ancestors throughout history to their kinsmen in time of need.

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Lion Clan
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