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 Dragon Clan

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The northernmost peaks of Rokugan are home to the Dragon, the clan founded when the Kami Togashi took his first two followers into their snowy recesses. Charged by the First Emperor to watch the Empire with an impartial eye, Togashi himself guided his clan by faking his death every generation and taking a new name. The Dragon have become almost apart from the Empire while Togashi and his followers followed the edict handed down by Hantei. Very rarely have the Dragon chosen to become involved in the inner workings of Rokugan, and their interference has always inscrutable, unpredictable, and unstoppable.

A typical Dragon is quiet and reserved. Those who choose to speak generally quote verse from the Tao of Shinsei, or pose clever riddles. Their style of magic has befuddled even the most insightful Phoenix shogun, and the two-sword style of swordplay invented by Mirumoto runs contrary to the more accepted form dictated by Kakita, a Crane family.

Many Rokugan residents dismiss the aloof Dragon as arrogant and condescending, but nothing could be further from the truth. A typical Dragon can have much to say, but he would rather not say anything at all, remaining content to watch a scene rather than get involved. Dragons are concerned with enlightenment and truth, however, and will not remain quiet when duty to these ideas demands they speak up. Those who speak and act truthfully, honestly, and respectfully will gain the good attentions of the Dragon.



The traditional leaders of the Dragon, the Togashi "family" is really a monastic order of tattooed monks called "ise zumi". The founding Kami of the Dragon, Togashi, drew his followers from those inexplicably drawn to the mountains or the Dragon. Togashi himself would see to the tattooing of these new ise zumi, giving them powers beyond mortal reach. The ise zumi of the Togashi are the most famed members of the Dragon. Legends abound of tattooed monks leaping over high walls, breathing fire, and talking with the Celestial Heavens themselves. Ise zumi are as quiet and reserves as monastic monks more often than not, but some plunge themselves into the Empire to experience all life has to offer.


The first Mirumoto was one of the two men who followed Togashi into the mountains that the Dragon would make their home. He was a canny swordsman, and developed the two-sword style called Niten before he died in the Shadowlands fighting the dark god Fu Leng. His family lives on as the strong arm of the dragon clan, feared in both single combat and large-scale warfare. Due to the reclusive nature of the dragon's leading family, the Togashi, it usually falls upon the daimyo of the Mirumoto to handle the clan's day-to-day affairs. The Mirumoto train in concert with the shugenja of the clan, resulting in samurai who favor two swords when one is the accepted custom, and can speak of the kami as knowledgeably as any shugenja. Of all the Bushi family of Rokugan, the Mirumoto tend to be the most spiritual. A Typical Mirumoto is reserved and calm at all times. Foremost on the mind of a Mirumoto is his lord, his swords, and the Tao of Shinsei. Many Mirumoto have ties to a certain temple or temples of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, and shave their heads out of piety. when the Mirumoto samurai speaks, his statements are typically short and cryptic.


Descended from Agasha Kitsuki, this family has served the Dragon as emissaries, magistrates, and diplomats since its founding over 200 years ago. The Kitsuki are, however, much more than simple ambassadors. Agasha Kitsuki himself was a seeker of truth and justice, his exploits eventually earning him death at the hands of the scorpion. He had invented what is now known as Kitsuki's Method, a form of investigation that favors evidence over Rokugans more accepted form of trial by testimony alone. Nearly every Kitsuki is a trained investigator and a competent duelist. The Kitsuki themselves tend to be the most open and warm of the Dragon families. Though they are known to unreel strings of riddles and quotes from the Tao, they are more likely to give a straight answer than any other family from their clan. Like the rest of the Dragon, however, their practice of Kitsuki's Method sets them apart from the rest of the Empire, even though the Method has proved itself effective.


Agasha was a follower of the Kami Togashi. She was one of the few shugenja in the early Empire and founded the shuegenja Agasha family of the Dragon Clan.

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Dragon Clan
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