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 Crane Clan

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Excellence. All Crane strive for it -- a fire that drives their every action. A Crane will not undertake an action if he cannot do it well, and this tradition of excellence has given them a reputation as the finest poets, artists, and duelists in the Empire. For many Cranes, life itself is art.

The Crane are descended from the followers of Doji, the most beautiful of Hantei's siblings. Doji's children have gone on to create the foundations of Rokugan's culture. Many outside the Crane perceive the clan as arrogant or impractical, but from the Crane perspective these observers are either jealous or merely shortsighted. Those who do not share the Crane's high standards can hardly understand why they do what they do. Likewise, few can seriously deny the stunning achievements of the Crane.

Cranes tend to have very high standards, both for themselves and others. Those who can meet or exceed those standards are worthy of respect. Those who fall short are not even worthy of attention.



When the original Crane Thunder was lost to the Shadowlands, it was Doji Hayaku who sought out her blade and returned it home. The journey changed him, causing his hair to turn a stark white. To this day many Crane bleach their hair white in honor of his bravery. Hayaku became the founder of the Daidoji, the most militant Crane family. Though Daidoji are as skilled with the sword as any Crane, their trademark weapon is the Yari. The Daidoji are the defenders of their clan. They are a grim, practical lot, well adjusted to defending the relatively small armies of the clan from larger threats such as the Lion and Crab. The Daidoji are masters of terrain and invented guerrilla warfare in Rokugan. They know that their cause is just, and the survival of their clan depends upon their actions.


The Doji family is descended from the children of Doji and Kakita who took their mother's name. They are the Champions of the Crane, and are frequently, though not exclusively, the Emerald Champions as well. The Doji host the Crane's courtier and magistrate schools, although many of their number train in the Kakita schools.


The Kakita family is descended from the children of Doji and Kakita who decided to take their father's name. They comprise a great portion of the Crane's armies and arguably the finest artisans and duelists in the empire. Many Kakita often train in the Doji schools as well.


The Asahina are the spiritual center of the Crane. They are a family with a strong shugenja tradition, and an intense focus on pacifism. Many Asahina will neither touch a weapon nor raise a hand against another living being, even in self-defense. The use of destructive spells is especially forbidden, as it is seen as a perversion of the kami. The Shadowlands is a notable exception to this rule. The oni and other minion of Jigoku represent the very evil which the Asahina constantly fight on a spiritual level. Asahina shugenja are known for their fetish magic's; the magical trinkets they create are varied and wondrous. Their love for pacifism, in fact, stems from their mastery of artifice.

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Crane Clan
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