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 Crab Clan

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The bleak expanse of the Shadowlands stretches across the southwest border of Rokugan. These lands are home to demonic oni, vicious bakemono, and cruel soulless samurai possessed by the dark powers of Jigoku. These hordes of the fallen would easily march across Rokugan, destroying or corrupting all who stand in their path.

Except that the Crab are there.

They are the descendants of Mighty Hida, architects of the Great Carpenter Wall. They are the most steadfast warriors in Rokugan, heroes who will never admit defeat no matter how dire the circumstances. The Crab have no time for politics or the foolish games of the court. War is their life. Battle is their meat and drink. Jigoku's maw lies open, prepared to swallow them whole at any moment. For the children of Hida, there is no rest.

They would have it no other way.

With a new dynasty come new alliances, and the Crab have found themselves closely tied to their once hated rivals, the Crane Clan. With Crane gold and favors they have strengthened the Empire's defenses and begin plans to expand the Kaiu Wall around all of Rokugan, protecting not only against the Shadowlands but against other outside threats. Despite their newfound power and prosperity, the Crab lack for that which they need most - jade. For only the pure light of jade can burn away Jigoku's foul touch. But jade does not shine forever, and it becomes scarcer with each passing day...



The Hida are the leaders of the Crab.

Their family motto is; "I will not fail". No other family holds their duty in such high regard as the Hida.

It is the largest family in the Crab, and dominate the political life of the clan. They plan military tactics, lead the armies and co-ordinate the defenses of the clan.

They are descended from the Kami Hida, known for his sheer strength. Hida's children often have that in common with the Kami, and they are known throughout the empire as some of the fiercest fighters in Rokugan, if not the most cultured. The Hida are well known for a very colorful language, with many threats, insults, curses and expressions. They are known to be impulsive, brutish, hot-headed and do not take insults lightly.

They do not care what other people might think, their obligations to the emperor require a certain mindset, the rougher aspects of the Crab. Denying these aspects would be to deny them of their greatest strength. Until someone steps up to shoulder their burden, the Hida will act as they see fit.

Hida are known to thrive on the pressures of battle and take joy in combat as no others do.


The Hiruma are a sad example of how much the Crab have lost. Until recently, they would venture deep into the Shadowlands, further than most are willing, or able, to go. Through most of history, the Hiruma had been driven by an intense urge to reclaim their ancestral home, lost to the Shadowlands before the Battle of the Cresting Wave. They have no mon or family motto, they cannot live so long as their land is gone. They view death no longer as a vicory for the Shadowlands, but a release from their own shame.
They serve as military spies and advance scouts and are able to blend in with their surroundings and watch entire armies pass by undetected, they can run with the stamina of a horse delivering messages to units days apart. Their speed and intelligence gathering abilities are second to none.


he Kaiu family are without question the best engineers in Rokugan. They are the architects of the Carpenter Wall, as well as the catacombs and traps beneath. If anyone in the empire wants to build a structure that will rival all others and stand throughout time, they consult a Kaiu.
Those who deal with the Kaiu are surprised with how quiet and soft spoken they are, displaying none of the "Crab temper". They are reserved and calm and act with a foresight that Shinsei himself would envy. They are builders, planners, engineers and refined architects, calm, cool and under control who produce the most potent weapons and ingenious defenses in the Empire.
The Kaiu think of themselves as the rock anchoring the Hida and Hiruma families. The Crab Clan's support and defenses would be paralyzed without them, so they have little time to search for glory for themselves. Their philosophy emphasizes the larger picture and the long term benefits of their actions. They love to plan and enjoy seeing intricacies of a well-laid scheme coming together.


The Kuni family are some of the most feared and enigmatic shugenja in all of Rokugan.

They are skilled in the arts of the physical form, understanding anatomy and the mixture of the five elements in the body.

Their training generally is steeped in biology and constuction of the living form.

Their magic tends towards wards and bindings, either holding bodies in a location or preventing bodies from entering (or leaving) a place.

The concept of a spirit possessing a body is of great interest to the Kuni and, as the oni are spirits made flesh, they are even more interesting.

They have no physical school, instead teaching their students directly and only one or two at a time. Their students are very often close relatives. They go to great lengths to understand the creatures of the Shadowlands, including capturing live specimens to study and dissecting dead ones.

The retaking of Kuni lands after their destruction by the army of The Maw left the land known as the Kuni Wastes.

Each Kuni has a part of the family library in their care, the system has it's advantages and disadvantages. Exchanging knowledge between two shugenja can be difficult and few shugenja have an all-encompassing mastery of the school. It is, however, difficult to destroy any significant portion of Kuni learnings.

They hold annual meetings in Kyuden Hida every winter behind closed doors.


The Yasuki family is the public face of the Crab Clan. Where the other families all deal daily with the horrors of the Shadowlands, the Yasuki are the Crab's diplomatic and economic force. Yasuki courtiers are seen in courts representing the Crab much more than any of the other families, and their merchants are by far the most crafty in all of Rokugan.
he focus of the family lies primarily in their mercantile intrests. Their leaders will argue that trade is the lifeblood of Rokugan. They love the art of the deal and take great delight in providing products their customers both want and need. While the Yasuki are cunning and wily, they have a reputation for the same rough honesty that marks all Crab. They will rarely sell shoddy or inferior products; the buyer almost always knows exactly what he is receiving.

Smuggling is a favored profession among the Yasuki, especially smuggling to the Lion Clan, as neither the Crane nor Scorpion Clans want the additional interference with their warmongering neighbor. The Yasuki smuggling operations are an especially painful thorn in the side of the Crane, particularly along the River of Gold.

The Yasuki also serve as diplomats for the Crab. Diplomats visiting the Crab are housed in the Face of the East Castle, near the Shinomen Mori. Kyuden Yasuki itself holds too many secrets to trust outsiders there.

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Crab Clan
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