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PostSubject: Screenshots   2007-03-28, 7:36 am

A bridge, on the road to Nijo Castle

Dragon Sanctuary

A farm

In the forest, somewhere

In the forest, somewhere

Great bridge, in the east mountains

In the east mountains

Hachi Mura

A very special village...

Hiruma Standpost, in the Shadowlands

Kaiu Kabe

Maho Tsukai Sanctuary

A waterfall, in the east mountains

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle

Nijo Castle

Phoenix Temple

Phoenix Temple

In the east mountains

Ryoshi Mura

Ryoshi Mura, Izakaya

Scorpion Pagoda

On the seaside

Senzo Shima

South Mountains peak


Tsume Castle

Unicorn settlement


Yagyu Sanctuary

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