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 VirtualNet and New CyberSpace System

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PostSubject: VirtualNet and New CyberSpace System   2007-01-26, 7:49 pm

Now, there are two types of computer - Laptop and Personal Computer (Terminal or Server).

- PC have a unique IP Adress.
- Laptop, it's generated everytime you start your deck.

For Networks there are also two types of device - HUB and CyberTerminal.

- There are HUB you may move (with generated IPA) and other you can't move (with unique IPA).
HUB are used for Local Area Network.

- VirtualNet Terminals have a unique IPA.
Used to connect to VirtualNet.

The new system is based on command lines you enter with your own keyboard.

In order to proceed, select "Enter Command Lines" in the Computer Task Menu.

Then, type your command lines.

For example:
To get your IPA, type:

Your Ip Adress will be displayed.

Go to your nearest electronics dealer to buy a "I'm a NewB - How To Use A Computer" guide to learn about the basic command lines. Twisted Evil

Advanced and specific command lines are packed with their associated warez.

You buy a Firewall program...
Examine it, and you'll see:

Firewall [n] (n = protection level)
**Associated Command Lines**
/Setfirewallon (Sets your firewall "on")
/Setfirewalloff (Sets your firewall "off")
/Checkfirewallstatus (Checks your firewall status)

Your computer has two data, depending your stuff.
Capture Range: [n] (n= Wireless Signal Capture Range in meter)
Loading Time: [n] (n= Computer Loading Time in second)


Every computer, hub, terminal, and so on, uses a Wireless Connection Protocol based on IP Adress (WCPIP).

The HUB or Terminal IPA is needed in order to connect it.

Each IPA is a ~1000 power of 4 number --> n.n.n.n (n= 0-999).
So, the bigest IPA you may have is 999999999999
The smallest is 0000

Good luck to break one you stinky hacker :p

HUB have 10 Connection Slot, you are only able to be 10 person connected at a time.

VirtualNet has 20 connection slot per Node.

Once you are connected to a network, you may access to every computer connected to this network.

Think to buy a firewall Wink


To save files, buy a Hard Disk Drive, and place it (only one at a time) into your Storage Device (This is where you put program chips, and hardware). (The SD is not free anyway :p).

You may Create/Edit/Rename/Read/Erase your files, and transfer them to an other computer's HDD using a network connection.


Module webed with VirtualNet Terminals, but no server connected.
Anyway, you are fully able to use the network.

You may also enjoy the LAN Very Happy

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VirtualNet and New CyberSpace System
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