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 Stock Exchange Terminal

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PostSubject: Stock Exchange Terminal   2007-01-19, 5:22 am

Now, you'll find Stock Exchange Terminals aboard the USS WidowMaker, located Deck A, B, C, D, and at the mall.

There are 6 corporations on the run.

Using the terminal, a conversation will appear.

- Check stocks --> Allows you to look at the values of each stock.
and compare the Old Value and New Value.
- Invest --> Choose the stock you want to invest for, set the number, and click "done".
- Sell --> Choose the stock you want to sell. This option will sell all of the chosen stock's parts you've got.
- Walk away --> hmmm :p

Don't forget your credit card as it will be used for the transactions.

The values change every 30 minutes, based on an index and a percent rate.

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Stock Exchange Terminal
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