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 Day 268, 2662

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PostSubject: Day 268, 2662   2007-01-17, 7:47 am


- A collision between two cargo ship occured two hours ago in the docking bay 34-F. No casualties reported, but the damage caused to the dock are estimated over Cr-90.000.
Fortunately, their assurance policy will cover the repair cost.
Both pilot have their piloting license cancelled.

- A gunfight happened into the Nightclub, Deck-C. A few persons were injured, and a USCM operative was seriously wounded. His identity was not confirmed and he was directly conducted to the MedCenter located Deck-D.
Civilians Associations call to the SecForce to enforce the security, and protect the Citizens much better from terrorist.
The "terrorists" who acted have not been arrested.
Mark 'n' Spencer, SecForce HeadChief, has declared "They can run, but they can't hide. We'll get them as soon as possible".

Would you like to know more ?


- A new porn movie with the famous actress Yukie Negoro will be released soon.

- A scientist group have concluded that the population are eating more and more chocolates.

- (Slums only) The food called "Atomic Mushroom" produced along the corridors is toxic. Several persons have developed green marks over their skin.


The birth rate is low. People have to make more babies !

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Day 268, 2662
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