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 Earth Holocaust

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PostSubject: Earth Holocaust   2007-01-11, 6:02 pm


2114 - After a century of technological improvment, starts a new era of space colonisation.

2226 - The USA create a new branch in the US Space Navy, the United States Colonial Marines (USCM).
Their purpose is to fight on battlefields away from Earth.
They are well equiped and trained to fight in every natural and unnatural environments.

2338 - Following two centuries of wordly and colonial prosperity, almost all nations in the world gather to form the Federation under the lead of the United States of America.
Japan, Ukrainia, Croatia, France, and almost all the Middle East countries refuse to join the Federation.
The Federation manages to negociate, using force, intimidation, or simply brib to bring the other countries to join the Federation.

2340 - 2241 - Ukrainia and Croatia join the Federation.

2373 - After 35 years of vain "negociation" with the Middle East, the Federation decides to send troops and crush the "rebels".

2381 - The Middle East war ends on a massive genocide performed by the Federation who wants to end this costly war.

2381 - The Federation counts on this genocide as an argument to bring the other countries to join them.
Japan refuses and is ready to withstand a war, even whether it ends to a total anihilation.
Japan is a lone small counrty, but they have the most technological advanced military force and possess many military orbital stations.
The Federation fears a war against Japan and tries to negociate "peacefully".
French are too proud of themselves and too individualist to accept. Then they suffer a commercial blockade from the Federation to sap their economy.
Their decadent leaders leave the country to the anarchy, and retire themselves into their castle.

2386 - A civilian war begins in Japan, opposing two sides. The ones who want Japan to join the Federation, and the ones who don't want.
*Not in the Federation Class Books* The Federation corrupted many high men in Japan during 5 years, and pushed them to fight one another.

2393 - The civilian war ends and Japan stays an independant country.
A new wave of nationalism blows onto the country.
The Federation decides to let them apart as long as they don't try to attack a country of the Federation.

2603 - Japan is devastated by a big earthquake. The survivors refuse the aid of the Federation and gather into spaceship. They choose to leave Earth as their country is no more.
They head to a planet far from Earth, to set their new Home.

2606 - New Kasuga Colony is created by the remains of the Japanese civilization.

2608 - Many countries of the Federation look at what the Japanese did, and think about an independant colonial nation-world.

2616 - Following 8 years of tension among the countries of the Federation, a world conflict blows up.
On the Federation's colonies, the war goes as well.

2633 - The war ends to a massive ecological destruction, the Holocaust, anihilating all lifeforms on Earth.

2633 - The USS WidowMaker returns from a mission far away from Earth and learns what happened there.
They begin to look for any ship who left Earth before the Holocaust and gather them to form the remains of the Human Civilization.

2635 - A new government is set aboard the USS WidowMaker, called the New Federation.

2640 - Yukie Negoro birth on New Kasuga Colony.

2650 - The people aboard the BlackFisher, a cargo ship escorted by the USS WidowMaker, decide to set their home on a desert world called Aylamon-22

2658 - The USS WidowMaker arrives at New Kasuga Colony to tell them what happened on Earth years ago and quickly departs and returns in the HV-26 Sector, System Cronos.

2662 - Nowadays..[b]


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Earth Holocaust
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