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 Mission List

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PostSubject: Mission List   2009-12-26, 12:32 am


A dissident group belonging to the Black Fire armed organization has attacked the National Museum earlier in the afternoon, killing 6 people, and has seized many pieces of art before leaving the place.
The SecForce has reacted swiftly and has blocked their escape on the highway, forcing them to flee to the harbor where they entrenched themselves in a warehouse.
At 6:31PM they contacted the SecForce and made demand for an Aerodyne and a way out of the country. They have a bomb and are threatening to blow the warehouse up along with the seized pieces of art. Their deadline is 7:00PM, at the time you assemble your team and get into position, you'll have 10 minutes left to complete your mission.

Mission Condition:
- The terrorists are entrenched, and won't certainly surrender.
- It is night time.
- There are presumably 18 hostiles, but there are maybe more of them.
- There is no map of the interior of the warehouse, you'll be on your own once inside.
- You have only ten minutes to complete your mission.

- Infiltrate the warehouse
- Locate and defuse the bomb
- Eliminate the terrorist threat

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Mission List
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