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 Cyberware for USCM

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PostSubject: Cyberware for USCM   2009-04-04, 9:49 am

I found a RPG book with that in it, it's called Cyberpunk Razz
I'm going to lay down in this post how cyberware should be implemented and work in USCM.
I might simply copy the system from that RPG, because it looks awesome Very Happy

So here's a new Secondary Stat called Humanity.

- Humanity is equal to Stamina*5.
- When you add cyberware, Humanity is decreased by a random value depending of the cyberware you wish to add. It will also depend of the surgeon's skills, the type of clinic, etc...
- Some cyberware have upgrades [called LvL] which can replace the one you already have on, but you would have to remove it first and only a part of the lost Humanity will be restored. So you better save money to buy the best ones Razz
- For every 5 Humanity points lost, Charisma is decreased by 1.
- When dropping to a Humanity of 0 or below, the character can no longer add cyberware and will be subject to Cyberpsychosis [much more details on that when I'll be working on illness Razz]

I think there's nothing much needed about that.
Feel free to add your ideas if you've got any.

Now, let's see what cyberware can do with LoSCRS.


* Boosterware

- Reflex Booster LvL 1 to LvL 3
This is a specialized Trigger Reaction Computer
(TRC) implanted in the lower spine. The booster amplifies
and speeds up nerve signals, giving the person increased reactions
and reflexes.
++Game Terms:
+ [LvL1] Agility +1
+ [LvL2] Agility +2, + 1 melee attack.
+ [LvL3] Agility +3, + 1 melee attack.
++Humanity Loss: 5-20

* Bioware (Not those who made NWN Razz)

- Skin Weave LvL 1 to LvL 2
This enhancement uses nanoids to weave the top three layers skin with a dense polymer thread.
++Game Terms:
+ [LvL 1] Natural Armor [Full body] +3
+ [LvL 2] Natural Armor [Full body] +6
++Humanity Loss: 1-6


Hey, looks good so far..
LoSCRS can make use of pretty much everything.
I think I've got enough cyberware in this book, but still, if you've got ideas... Very Happy

Some will get linked to stuff like weapons, informatics, security devices, etc...Plenty of possibilities and fun Very Happy

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Cyberware for USCM
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