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 [Region] Bunkwald

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PostSubject: [Region] Bunkwald   2009-01-16, 9:26 pm


Bunkwald was once one of the biggest and richest city of the kingdom of Osten.
During the war between Osten and Holindar, the troops of Count Otto Van Veren besieged the city, and after a siege that lasted for 10 months, they finally seized the city.
Like some other Lords, Van Veren saw the opportunity to get more power, even if only one city, but at least it would be under his own rules.
He seceded from the rule of King Alizstair VIII and turned Bunkwald into a city-state.

Bunkwald is no more the rich city it was before, but still keeps good reputation among traders. Many merchants opened their stores within its walls, thus making the city prospering again.

The arms of the city are still a oak, though the color are now the red and the yellow from Van Veren's banner.

Count Otto Van Veren

Capital City:

- Ynen


Points of Interest:
* In Bunkwald:

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[Region] Bunkwald
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