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 Character - Aneya Es'Ran, The Witch Queen of Anea'Neldeth

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PostSubject: Character - Aneya Es'Ran, The Witch Queen of Anea'Neldeth   2008-09-01, 7:30 am

Aneya Es'Ran, The Witch Queen of Anea'Neldeth

Aneya Es'Ran is the feared queen of Anea'Neldeth, and has always been.

Two thousand years ago, when the humans were only barbarians wandering the lands, when the Elnihn and the Darakhul had great nations throughout the world... She was one of the two children of the royal family of Arthaen'Dun, the Elnihn nation that lay on the current region of Dergon.

She was a jealous child, always thinking her parents were taking care of her elder brother and left her all alone. She grew up with anger in her heart, and hatred for her brother.
This lead her lust for power, though she only plotted in the shadow.
Conducting secret alliances with remote outcast Elnihn factions.
Using all the money she had, her charisma and a fearful attitude.

Many years had passed since she started to outline her plot, the time had come.
She first took the life of her brother, delightfully torturing him before, showing much madness.
Assassins were sent to take care of the other important people around the nation.

On a dark day, remembered as fir'endalan in the Elnihn tongue, she seized the Palace of Shining Stars with her shadow army.
Many died on each side, but the odds were on Aneya's side this day.
She didn't even care when she witnessed her men slaughtering her father, nor when she plunged her dagger in the heart of her own mother, her whom she dared to give her birth.

Disgusted by such action, the Elder Gods cursed the foolish girl, giving her fair skin an ashy tint and turning dark-blue her long auburn hair.
All of the Elnihn who joined her side were given such appearance.

They then decided to call themselves Fir'Elnihn, showing that they were no longer part of this weak race.

From that point, the victorious army spread across the land, seizing any city on their path.
Eventually, the remnant of the Elnihn forged an alliance with the Darakhul and a few human tribes to oppose against evil.

The Fir'Elnihn, spread and weakened by the war, backed to the West. The Battle of Haven Cliff was the last of this conflict. Outnumbered, the dark people fled to the sea.

Bitter, they traveled across the treacherous Karakan Ocean, till they coasted a dark uncharted land where evil takes source.

They learned to survive in this land they called Anea'Neldeth, and built their kingdom with Aneya Es'Ran as their Queen.

The kingdom expanded, as Aneya's power and control.
She created the Shadow Magic, using evil powers and dealing with unspeakable creatures from the Outer Verse.

She consumed souls to prolong her life for almost two thousand years, and survived many assassination attempts.

Though it wasn't enough, she wanted to become one of the Immortals.
The queen disappeared in the Outer Verse for almost 20 years, leaving the Land of Perpetual Night to the lead of the general Vako'ran Senen, also known to be Aneya's favorite, and the one who beheaded her father before her mad eyes.

When she came back, she had changed, pure evil could be seen in her glance, and her power was beyond imagination. She was now one of the Immortals.

Though a few people plotted against her return, they preferred to forget their intention when they saw her.
Vako'ran gave her her right place back at the head of the realm.

Later, she had children, one son and two daughters.
Her son was trained as an assassin and was famous for his madness matching his mother's.
Her two daughters were trained to the dark art of magic.
All three were the queen's generals, acting on behalf of their mother.

Everything were going right for years, till the Dark Attendant of Fate himself appeared to Aneya.
He revealed a treacherous prophecy where the Witch Queen's children would plot against her and imprison her for the Eternity.

She sent back the Attendant to the Outer Verse, and thought for month.
Then she decided to have her children killed.
For her son and one of her daughter it was easy, but her other daughter joined a raid on the northern Norska and was out of her grasp.

How her daughter had learnt of the murder of her relatives remained unknown to Aneya, but the foolish girl fled and hid.

The Witch Queen of Anea'Neldeth is now focusing on slaughtering the girl who would one day put an end to her fearful reign, and no one, not the weak human kingdoms that now lie across the Ocean, will be able to escape her wrath...

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Character - Aneya Es'Ran, The Witch Queen of Anea'Neldeth
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