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 Region - Anea'Neldeth

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PostSubject: Region - Anea'Neldeth   2008-08-30, 8:43 am


Anea'Neldeth is a northern region, far to the West from Dergon across the Karakan Ocean.
This region is called the Land of Perpetual Night by the humans.

High mountains and rocky plains going as far as the eye can see, big dark clouds that blot off the sun plunging the land into eternal darkness, heavy rains and thunderstorms, all these making life very hard in Anea'Neldeth.

However, this land is the kingdom of the feared Fir'Elnihn.

They live in big cities throughout the land, where they practice their evil deeds.

Ruler: The Witch Queen

Capital City: Aer'Duin

*coming soon*

- Slaves
- Iridium

Points of Interest:
- Aer'Duin
- The Chasm of Souls

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Region - Anea'Neldeth
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