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 Area - Maze of Fame

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PostSubject: Area - Maze of Fame   2008-08-25, 8:36 pm


The Maze of Fame was built centuries ago by a sorcerer called Karzol. He was known to be crazy and paranoid, building this huge structure around his tower to protect himself. After his death, many creatures took this maze as their new lair.

Over the years, many people tried to get to Karzol's tower, and died in the maze without even reaching the tower.
But about 12 years ago, a group of adventurers known by the name of Brotherhood of Fame raided the maze to get their hands on the sorcerer's treasures. Eventually they succeeded and what they found in the tower remains unknown.
When they came out, they decided to clean the maze up of the creatures dwelling there and later turned the place into their own, calling it the Maze of Fame.

They set back the traps, and put captured creatures in it.
They now use the maze as a playing ground, attracting people to come in and try to reach the tower with promise of great treasure.

A rumor is spread telling that kidnapped people or prisoners are thrown in the maze.

Big amounts of money are spent betting on people, and lots of money may be won.

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Area - Maze of Fame
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