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 Character Creation

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PostSubject: Character Creation   2008-08-06, 10:54 am


First, get rid of NWN character creation process...

- Select gender
- Select Race - Human
- Select Portrait
- Select Alignment - True Neutral
- Select Class - Fighter
- Select Abilities - Hit recommended
- Select Default Package
- Increase by 1, and only 1, Hide and Spot skills
- Select Feats - Toughness and Strong Soul
- Customize character - Name and Age have no importance

::LoS Character Creation Process::

You will appear in a nice wood called "Somewhere..."
Look for the Pool of Fate and click it.
Note: If your NWN character has not been rightfully built, you won't be able to click on it.

The Character Creation Process begins.

- Select your Race.

- Enter your Firstname using the command /dm firstname-yourname or hit Generate. Once your are fine, hit Done.

- Enter your Lastname using the command /dm lastname-yourname or hit Generate. Once your are fine, hit Done.
Note: Ogres don't have lastname

- Enter your age using the command /dm age-yourage. Once you are fine, hit Done.

- Increase/Decrease your Primary Statistics.
Note: Race and Gender modifiers apply after, so keep them in mind while you tweak your PS.

- Enter your Weight.
Note: Size modifier will apply after.

- Enter your Height.
Note: Size modifier will apply after.

- Select your Skills.
Your are given 400 Skill Points. Choose your skills and increase/decrease them. A single Skill can't be increased over 75 during the CCP.
Once all of the SP have been spent, hit Done.

- End the CCP, you will be ported to the Character Customization Area.
Spend Equipment Points (EQ) to buy stuff and modify your character appearance if needed, then click the Pink Lightshaft.


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Character Creation
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