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 Region - Achland Mountains

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PostSubject: Region - Achland Mountains   2008-06-28, 1:15 pm

**Achland Mountains**

The Achland Mountains lay along the northern border of the Kingdom of Holindar.
High rocky peaks covered by snow and evergreen trees.

Because of its low temperature and savage fauna, few dared to establish settlements in the region.
Only one village remained there after many years, though it always suffers the attacks of hungry beasts.

The inhabitants have reported many times people disappearing in the blizzard. It is believed that they just fell from a cliff.

But a few villagers spread tells about wolves howling in the blizzard before someone disappears, and the appearance of a thin shaped long snow haired woman standing with wolves at her feet, not bothered by the weather.

Scholars report the existence of an old castle called Everwinter, settled on one of the highest peaks, with high white towers pointing to the sky.

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Region - Achland Mountains
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