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 Organisation - Order of the Sword

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PostSubject: Organisation - Order of the Sword   2008-06-27, 9:42 am

**Order of the Sword**

The Order of the Sword is an ancient human cult.
They expanded almost everywhere in the human lands, building great cathedrals or small chapels wherever they can.

Their main force is composed of Brother-Soldiers, who fight for the cult's beliefs.
Chaplains rule the cathedrals and chapels.
And all respond to the Master of the Order.

They are zealot, fighting for the purity of the human race.
Hunting the Unclean [-> Non-humans], magic users, and heretic technology.

They got political power in the Kingdom of Holindar, though the King does not believe in the Order.

The Collegiae are tolerated, only because the King decided so...
But it sometimes happens that a practicer ends burned alive...

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Organisation - Order of the Sword
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