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 Region - Holindar

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PostSubject: Region - Holindar   2008-06-19, 3:25 pm


Once a wide realm covering the biggest part of the region called Dargon, it has reduced to almost half its former size since the war with the kingdom of Osten and the fall of this one.

Many Lords took the opportunity left by the weakened realm to severe their oath of allegiance with the King and created several County under their own rules. Taking half the King's lands, and the lands belonging to the former Kingdom of Osten.

Thus leaving the Kingdom of Holindar with far less lands.
Though its army is powerful enough to withstand any attack from the selfish Lords, if they came to muster and launch an attack against the realm, the odds would maybe not be in the favor of the King...

From Horncrown, its capital city, the Kingdom of Holindar is led by King Alizstair VIII.
An old man who knew many wars, and saw his 3 sons dying.
Leaving him with a daughter living in a convent, Ireline, and a wife now too old to give him a heir.
He took the lead 30 years ago, after he revealed that the former King, Asenar, was a traitor to the realm, secretly allying himself with the kingdom of Osten.

One thing is sure...King Alizstair VIII would do anything to find a male heir and keep his dynasty on the throne of Holindar...

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Region - Holindar
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