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PostSubject: Bestiary   2008-03-24, 10:24 am


[Got some names and creatures in mind? I can use your help here too! ^^]


Braxae are mystical undead creatures born from what people think as a curse.
It is a painful process from which a human turns into a Braxae.
Unlike most Undeads, Braxae conserve their mind and all their powers.
They are powerful and dreadful creatures of the night, often leading groups of undeads, plotting in the shadow and preying on the weak or foolish one.
They no longer age and are almost immortal, always coming back unless permanently destroyed.
However they need to drink blood to survive. Otherwise they are weak.
They fear fire and sunlight, which are their worst foes.
Braxae usually live in dark underground places, like crypts or ruins.
They are powerful enemies who should not be underestimated.
Their curse only spread among humans and can't affect other races.


Darakhul are an ancient race, they say that they were born from the earth and the stone at the same time as Goladin created the world.
They tend to live beneath mountains, or along cliffs, always staying as close as possible to the earth. They hate water, and would never venture on a ship or boat unless forced, same stand for flying.
They are good crafters, but they lack of patience when they have to deal with organic creatures like animals, thus making them poor riders.
They are quite stubborn and never forget a mistake. When a Darakhul gives her/his word, s/he'd rather die than going against her/his words.
Darakhul are short stout humanoids, they like shiny things and great architecture. They favor axes, blunt weapons, and crossbows.







Humans are wide spread among the world. They don't have an history as long as other people' but they tend to quickly adapt themselves to their environment, creating many subcultures.
- Norska, fierce barbarians inhabiting the dangerous Northen Ice Wastelands.
- Kaeld, similar to the Norskaat some points, but living in the Edania's forest and wood.
- Xian, nomad horsemen from the Eastern steppes.
- Dergon, proud knights living in the central provinces, yearning to make war.
- Centius, decadent people living under the rule of an Emperor. Inhabiting rich provinces in the South.
- Haerdrim, people from the Far South, living in shining city raising from the sand of the desert.








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