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 Day 234, 2662

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PostSubject: Day 234, 2662   2006-12-07, 10:37 am


- 30 minutes before the closure of the Sgruik's Burger, a man tried to rob the credits, threating the employees and the customers with a firearm.
When two SecForce Officers entered, he panicked, and shot them.
Then, he took hostages.
15 minutes later, an other SecForce officer entered the Sgruik's Burger and tried to negociate.
The bandit killed an hostage before trying to catch the officer, but he had been neutralized and placed under arrest.
Many thanks to the SecForce Officer, Chana Allenson, for her courage to handle the situation.
Mark Spencer, the SecForce Head Chief has presented his regards to Chana Allenson and declared "With Officers like Chana Allenson, the citizens will be safe, and the criminals will stop their bad work"


- Lando Swift, one of the last scientists aboard the USS WidowMaker has been see many times in strange states, like talking to a door.

- The terrorist group, SUN AVENGER, was not implicated with the NBC alert and the bomb detonation.

- A fashion magazine presents hot pictures of the CP. Yukie Negoro wearing undies.

- Some civilians have misteriously disapeared. The government had kidnaped them to make sexual experiences.


The Elven'Fashion is born !
Copying the style of creatures in fantasy legends of the 20th century, some people are seen long haired, wearing strange colored robe, and bearing a so-called magic staff.
At the side, there are beared men, wearing a gray cloak and a weird long-spin hat, smoking a pipe.

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Day 234, 2662
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