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 USCM Politics

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Once a battlestar, the USS WidowMaker was transformed in a great cargo ship to board the survivor of the Earth Holocaust.
Quickly, the civilians needed a solid government, not composed only by military personal.
The USCM was opposed to any form of government, and declared martial law.
Many civilians created terrorist groups in response and fought against the militaries.
In the result, 1/6 of the human beings died aboard the ship.
So, the USCM decided to establish a kind of democracy, to avoid another bloodbath.

In the first time, USCM Senior Officers and some civilians thought about the creation of the new government, called the New Federation.
And they established the System: A hierarchic social system based on the birth, the skills, and other criteria to determine the position of each individual; keeping the elite at the top.
Divided in 6 classes, the lowest, C-6, regroups poor and unemployed persons.
In the other hand, the C-1 regroups the leaders and the richest persons of the ship.

The New Federation is composed of a Great Council, two Chambers, and a department.

The Great Council is at the top of the government, but doesnít own the complete power.
Itís composed of 10 individual, 5 military personal, and 5 civilians.
Militaries are always the same persons, unless they choose to revoke someone to name another one. Their function cannot be revoked by civilians.
Every 4 years, a Council Course is running, when the people vote to change, or not, the civilianís part of the Great Council.

Laws Department is ran by militaries only, watched by the Great Council.
Their work is to make the law interpreted aboard the ship.
The penalties are often critical, as there are only martial tribunals.

The Representative Chamber is the key of the government as itís composed of professional politicians and civilians.
This Chamber regroups many political parties which are ran by a Representative who is obligatorily a professional politician. These parties are composed with a great part of civilians (C-3 to C-1 only).
All C-3 to C-1 civilians are able to join up a political party, take a seat in the Chamber, and make their voice heard.
The Representative Chamber creates laws and makes a proposal to the Great Council, the GC makes an approval, or not, and transfers to the Executive Chamber.
When a Council Course is running, the Representative of each political party makes a list of 5 persons (only C-1, skilled in politics) and proposes the list to the elections.
The Citizens (C-5 and above) have to vote for a list.
Usually, the political party which owns the most members wins the List Election, but there are exceptions.
The Representative of the political party who has won the election become a Great Administrator, his/her former place is filled by a successor. His/her new place is just behind the Great Council.

The new task for a Great Administrator is to name the Headers in the Executive Chamber.
These Headers have to be chosen among the military personal (C-2 only) for 2/3 of members, and 1/3 of civilians (C-2 or C-1).
The Great Administrator acts as a bond between the Great Council, the Government, and the Citizens. He also has the role of representative of the government and ambassador.

The Executive Chamber receives the laws created by the Representative Chamber, and approved by the Great Council. They have the right to slightly modify a law.
Their role is to ensure the laws will be applied, maintaining law enforcer measures.
The SecForce, to protect and serve the Citizens, is directly lead by the Executive Chamber (Only by the civilian part).
The USCM is lead by the military part, extended to the Great Council.
The Executive Chamber is the core of the New Federation, they take decisions and make all the mechanics work.

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USCM Politics
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