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 USS WidowMaker - Slums

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PostSubject: USS WidowMaker - Slums   2007-04-23, 10:19 pm

Beneath the upper Decks lies the Deck E.
The ship's biggest Deck, containing the machine rooms, and farther, an abondoned ground...
There are located the Slums, a maze of stinky dusty corridors, pipes, junk yards and chemical wastes.
Only the strongest live there, and the weakest die, or even worse...
People fight for survival every day.
The only food they can have are rats or mushrooms.

There is a USCM checkpoint at the entrance, to ensure that non-citizens don't try to go in the upper levels.

The Government throws there the people who don't fit the Social System.

The Slavers are the rulers of the Slums. They enslave people, mostly women and fresh people comming from the upper levels, train them, and sell them to the Slums Dwellers.

Deep into the Slums, there is a large place, called Venus Ville.
VV is divided into 4 quarters, and each quarter makes war one another.

The smallest is the Punk Quarter.
There is no known leader among the punk there, they are a small weak gang.

The Hispanic Quarter is rulled by a sinistrous person known by the name of El Lobo.
Their income comes from organs and drugs trafic.
They are bloodlust and their favorite game is to cut some limbs with a machete.
They make snuff movies as well, often when they capture a poor girl from the Slums or another gang.
There are a drug lab and a BDSM & Snuff Club in the quarter.

The leader of the Black Quarter is Jericco One, a charismatic rap singer.
They earn money from weapons and explosives trafic.
They form the biggest gang of VV.
The interesting places are Aziz Weapons, Horny Cat (A kinky place) and B-52 (A bikers place).

The Japanese quarter is rulled by a crazy girl called O'Ren Ishii.
They form the strongest and richest gang. Only Japanese are allowed there.
And people who come for business have to ask for an authorization.
They have their income from technological advanced stuff, hacking, gambling games and porn.
There are a casino, a sexshop, a ramenshop and a restaurant.
They own a chemical facility where they force to work foreigner slaves and people.

6TH Avenue and IceValley are the suburb of Venus Ville, where some "rich" people try to build the place as what they knew on Earth.
These quarters are only accessable from the Black Quarter.

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USS WidowMaker - Slums
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